Saturday November 7, 2009

NEW PRESTON, CONNECTICUT – I’ve decided to photograph all of the churches in Litchfield County, Connecticut, very much working in the shadow of Walker Evans.  The approach is frontal.  You can see a similar esthetic in the “Small Town” images on my landscape gallery, and for that matter in 30 Rock taken on November 6.  This is one of two Congregational churches in New Preston that serve the same parish (the other is the Stone Church). Captured at sunrise.
20091108-L1000416-1 Panorama

Saturday October 24, 2009

DRAIN, OREGON – We left the Oregon coast early, driving back up the Umpqua River.  The light was beautiful at about 10:00 so I stopped and photographed.  Another small town:  Drain, Oregon.  No kidding on the name.   Dale Allyn informed me that his dad was at one point the oldest living resident of Drain; that Drain, Oregon is the only town named Drain in North America; and that it’s named after Charles and Anna Drain, not the lowest point in a bathtub.

This is the Pacific Gateway Medical Clinic.

Drain, Oregon
Pacific Gateway Medical Clinic

Friday October 23, 2009

GOLD BEACH, OREGON – We spent October 23 here in Gold Beach, Oregon. The weather was terrible; the visibility on the beach was near zero. I spent a wet day in town taming infrared images of buildings.  This is part of a long-term project that i’m working on: small Western towns photographed in the shadow of Edward Weston; the use of infrared technique creates as sense of abstraction and other worldliness.

Curry County Courthouse, Gold Beach, Oregon
Curry County Courthouse, Gold Beach, Oregon