Saturday March 17, 2018

WARREN CONNECTICUT – Still catching up with images of winter from this cold zone. Shot with my Sony A7rii which I have had converted to black and white only imaging, effectively doubling its resolution.

Day 3075 of one photograph every day for the rest of my life.

Winter landscape
Will Winter never end?
A ray of hope

On this date seven years ago (day 519): Living room. This is what our living room looked like seven years ago. It was fresh then – it’s tired now, so as noted previously on these pages we are in the process of redoing.

Interior from 2004 or so

Saturday March 3, 2018

MANHATTAN NEW YORK – The fixtures in out bathrooms here were about 20 years old. In the guest bathroom the stem broke off on the hot water tap. The German manufacturers no longer exists so repairs ar impossible. In the master bath shower the temperature control valve was stuck on too hot. So we had to tear both bathrooms apart to replace the fixtures. Not pretty.

Day 3061 of one photograph every day for the rest of my life.


On this date last year (day 2696 of one photograph every day): Manhattan Street