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Saturday October 24, 2009

DRAIN, OREGON – We left the Oregon coast early, driving back up the Umpqua River.  The light was beautiful at about 10:00 so I stopped and photographed.  Another small town:  Drain, Oregon.  No kidding on the name.   Dale Allyn informed me that his dad was at one point the oldest living resident of Drain; that Drain, Oregon is the only town named Drain in North America; and that it’s named after Charles and Anna Drain, not the lowest point in a bathtub.

This is the Pacific Gateway Medical Clinic.

Drain, Oregon
Pacific Gateway Medical Clinic

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Hi Woody,

I came across this post today and read your description. Just to clarify (not that it really matters): it was my grandfather, rather than my dad. He was the second husband of my grandmother (on my father’s side, my father’s step-father). His name was Harry B. Brookhardt. Just thought I’d toss that out incase someone comes across your post in a search on the town of Drain.



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