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Dear Woody, Thanks for your gorgeous photos. I look forward to seeing them each day on Instagram. In your autobiography you talk about your cameras but not about how you take & process your pictures. I’d be particularly interested to learn how you get the exposure right every single time. (Not my experience, I am sorry to say.) For example, do you use your camera’s meter or a hand-held meter? Or do you do it seat of the pants? Also, why the switch from the Leica Monochrom to the new Sony? All those pixels? Just ignore these questions if they seem intrusive. But thanks for considering them. Best wishes for many more years of photos!

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Woody Campbell,

This may be a lost cause, or perhaps a courageous attempt, either or my name is Graham J. Beasley. I have a dramatic need, playing the role as protagonist of my own life, I aspire to be a photojournalist and a damn good one. I am 19, have 5 years of photography under my belt, ranging from portraiture, landscapes, street, and wedding photography. But nothing has ever satisfied me more than the day I followed a man by the name Ruffin Benton. He was a pilot with many untold stories. I flew in his plane, flew the plane myself and watched as he navigated us through the towering mountains of North Carolina. I soon wrote an article about Ruffin, never became published though, but nothing will ever, satisfactory wise, bring me more passion than writing someone’s story down on paper. I say all this to ask, is there by any chance I could follow you one day, watch to your photography style, listen and share your story? I hope this is a clear rough draft of what I am trying to say, which is, I would love to write about you and your photography.

Graham Jackson Beasley

Beautiful work and such a wonderful project. I am also a 365-day shooter (Day 3462 for me) and I started the day my eldest child was born. I am grateful to have all the images but have never really shared the project in a public way. It is very inspiring to see the set as a whole on your website. As I approach 10 years of daily shooting, I think it would be beneficial for me to look back and reflect. Certainly there’s been massive technical growth, but also such an increase in awareness of my surroundings. I’m so glad that I found your work on IG.

I actually started this website as a way of documenting my project, and frankly keeping it organized. Congratulations on nearing 10 years. What an accomplishment.

Where can I follow you on IG?


I’ve seen and appreciated your work on Instagram. A gift of moving images to the world, the gift of discipline (re daily photos) to yourself. Are they for sale?

Interested, in particular, in Grand Central Terminal in infrared.

Hi! I started my first project 2010. At first to Google and then Facebook. Only photos from phone and not so much “photography” style. Some time ago I started new dedicated black and white project and couple days later I found your project. I will do dailys snaps still to FB, but now I will use real camera every day for this project. Actually I´m going to get my first Leica tomorrow 🙂

I have just seen your project for the first time today and have been enjoying looking at your photographs. I am particularly interested, as I have been undertaking something similar for a few years now, posting the daily photograph to Facebook. Today is day 2021. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing each day’s photograph.

It’s difficult for me to say. I should have said that part of the project is that all of the photographs are taken and adjusted on my iPhone. And I produce a range of types of image, from plants, landscapes and animals, to more candid street/train shots, and some purely abstract. Anything that takes my fancy on the day. So I do not really have a unified style that has developed or changed over the time. But one change I think is that I now mainly use just use one photo editing app on my phone, to crop, adjust levels, saturation, etc, whereas in the early days I used more fancy apps that mimicked polaroids, applies pre-set filters and that sort of thing.

Hello Woody.I clicked on a random photography pop-up that arrived on my time line(as they do),and glad that I opened it.Your photographs are superb and been a great pleasure to browse through.Thanks.(from a fellow Marine from across the pond in UK.Per Mare Per Terram)

Hello Woody,
.. saw some of your great photos on fb. bnw is such a challenge i think .. to get good composition, texture, shadows.
Would you mind if I and my friend Paolo used some of them in our music videos? We play acoustic guitars .. sorta folk style .. original music (the odd cover). Credit is always given to the photographers at end of video or in description. If you like, you can hear a sample here:
Once again .. splendid photos and great project!
Judy Dehaney

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