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Sunday October 3, 2010

Methodist Church in South Britain, Connecticut

SOUTH BRITAIN, CONNECTICUT – This is the Methodist Church in South Britain, Connecticut. The center of this village has been designated a historic site, which may explain why this derelict structure hasn’t been torn down.

Methodist Church South Britain Connecticut

Hasselblad H3D-39 and HC 35-90 lens.

2 replies on “Sunday October 3, 2010”

Hello Mr. Campbell,

As one of your Twitter followers, I absolutely enjoy seeing all of the work you post. Each photograph I stumble upon reminds me of how I take photographs. I also browsed through your website and was blown away by the variety of photographs. “I take at least one photograph every day” is the one sentence that stood out to me the most and has inspired me to want to do the same. I, too am a photographer and I find myself taking pictures of random things I find intriguing and unique. The picture of the Methodist Church in South Britain, Connecticut is the one photograph that stood out the most. It reminds me of the times I have taken photographs of old, rusted buildings for no reason at all other than wanting to capture a once in a lifetime photograph. When given the opportunity, I enjoy taking pictures of old, historical buildings and monuments. Your pictures have inspired me to expand my horizons and explore other things as a photographer.

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