Friday August 4, 2017

MAUI HAWAII – We had a great morning exploring a flee market here to day. We bought an “antique” Trader Vic’s mai tai mug (all Trader Vic’s stuff it turns out is collectable), a couple of dresses, various presents, and for me . . . three vintage silk Tommy Bahama shirts. Great fun.

Day 2850 of one photograph every day for the rest of my life.

On this day last year (day 2485): Todi Italy


Tuesday August 1, 2017

MID PACIFIC OCEAN – This is a long travel day – a 13 hour flight from New York to Maui via Honolulu. My images are really confined to the interior of the airplane. So here is a hula dancer (probably from the 1940s) shown on a loop on the plane’s video. She appears to be in a large, colonial style room with an older man playing a grand piano.

On this day seven years ago (cay 290): Caesar’s Business Hotel, Sao Paulo.

Ceasers Business Hotel

Tuesday July 18, 2017

BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS – I’m here for meetings and my annual pilgrimage to Fenway Park (the Red Sox v. the Blue Jays). Being from New York I’m not a Red Sox fan, but Fenway is nonetheless a lot of fun. I got desperate at one point so I shot a drain in a sink just to have an image for the day. At Fenway I used the panorama feature on the phone and cut the panos back in post. The image below was shot in one of several rain delays.

Day 2,833 of one photograph every day for the rest of my life.

Pn this day last year (day 2,468): Arles. Continuing the sink theme.

Day 2468 of one photograph every day for the rest of my life

Monday June 26, 2017

NEW YORK NEW YORK – I spent today preparing baby back ribs for cooking sous vide (they will be finished on a Green Egg in Connecticut on Thursday). The first steps are to remove the membrane, apply a rub to impart BBQ flavor, and vacuum pack the ribs to let them “marinate” in the fridge for 24 hours – the but also acts as a dry brine.

Day 2,811 of one photograph every day for the rest of my life.

Sous Vide ribs step 1
Sous Vide Ribs step 2
Sous vide ribs step 3

On this day seven years ago (day 253): Hacienda Zuleta Ecuador

Hacienda Zuleta Ecuador