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Thursday May 5, 2011

NEW YORK NEW YORK – A new lens for my Alpa. Yesterday’s experiments finally convinced me that my 45 mm APO-Rodenstock Grandegon was just not up to the demands of a 60 megapixel back so I’m selling it and I’ve replaced it with a Schneider 48mm APO-Helvetar, which is optimized for large, high resolution digital applications. I’m experimenting to see if this longer focal length can successfully be used handheld in my Alpa TC. So far the results are mixed – it takes some time to find a working relationship with a new lens. Here’s an image of “visual noise” (and street food) on Park Avenue that came out of today’s effort.


On this day one year ago: Nan Talese at yet another party ant Antonio Monda’s.

Nan Talese