Sunday November 12, 2017

NEW YORK NEW YORK – I’m continuing to experiment with film – today shooting medium format with my Mamiya 7. This camera, which is effectively a great big plastic Leica (getting 10 6x7cm images on a roll of 120 film), is noted for its remarkable lenses. Mamiya, for example, copied the design for the lens on the Hasselblad Superwide and actually improved on it in the 43mm wide angle (giving the equivalent angle of view of the Hasselblad Superwide or a 21mm lens on a full frame digital camera). The scans came out beautifully. I’m including a small gallery to give you a sense of how these are coming out.

Day 2,950 of one photograph every day for the rest of my life.


Park Avenue
From our window
Mount Sinai

On this day last year (day 2,585): Big rock – one of my best of these types of images.

Litchfield County