Saturday March 13, 2010

NEW MILFORD, CONNECTICUT – I visited a terrific craftsman’s workshop today – a man named Roger Standt who specializes in restoring wooden Chris Craft boats.  This is the inside of his shop.  I was there looking at a 1954 Chris Craft that I’m buying with a friend.  I’ve attached a picture as a comment.

Roger's Shop

Monday March 8, 2010

PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA – A thoroughly bad day for landscape photography.  Up at 5:00 AM to drive to Palm Springs to catch an 8:00 flight to New York.  All air traffic had ground to a halt because of the previous days bad weather and a heavy ground fog.  Almost four hours of delay.  We finally arrived in New York in the dark.

Here’s our departure gate in Palm Springs, waiting for an airplane.

Palm Springs airport