Friday April 23, 2010

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – 12 11 Park Avenue.  Limited time spent shooting today – most of my day was spent diagnosing and fixing the causes of this blog’s crash.  I think I have it sorted out, but the fix breaks the link to the photo in every post (there are now more than 180 of them) so I have to repair every link manually.  I’musing this as an opportunity to apply what I’ve learned in the past six months on indexing and key words, so the process is time consuming.

1211 Park Avenue

Thursday April 22, 2010

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Disaster strikes! My blog goes down. We diagnosed the problem and had it running again by the end of the day. I apologize for any inconvenience. The fix requires editing the links to the photograph in every post. For now only the most recent posts are live; we’ll bring the others up to date over the weekend. This has presented an opportunity to apply what we’ve learned over the last six months on topics like indices and keywords and search engine optimization. We plan on relaunching the galleries feature. Things may run a little slowly until we finish the update process on Sunday.

My blog crashes!

Wednesday April 21, 2010

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – The Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services held it’s annual spring gala at Gustavinos tonight. The JBFCS is a wildly impressive organization providing social services in New York to clients of all religions, races and ethnic backgrounds.  Gustavinos is a lovely space built into the vaults under the approaches to the 59th Street Bridge.

Benefit at Gustavinos

Monday April 19, 2010

HARWINTON, CONNECTICUT – I drove to Harwinton today to visit the Connecticut DEP office there, to pick up a boat license.  Like most other Litchfield County towns Hawinton has a Congregational Church on a small green – the congregation dates to 1738.  The 1935 “Connecticut Guide” says this about Hawrinton

In Harwinton Village, the Congregational Church was built in 1806. The design is simple but pleasing, with the heavily molded cornice of pediment and roof. The 3 front doorways have rounded fanlights and pedimented hoods. Above the central doorway is a Palladian window, repeated in the tower. On the north of the Church is the stone Memorial Chapel, beautiful but incongruous, given by Collis P. Huntington, the financier of the Southern Pacific R. R., in memory of his mother. Huntington was born in the town in1821, and worked on a farm here until the age of 14, when he went to New York to seek his fortune.

Harwinton Connecticut

Sunday April 18, 2010

WARREN, CONNECTICUT – Another gray, rainy day.  But at the end of the day something amazing happened.  Just as the sun set it briefly broke through the clouds.  It was as if the landscape had been bathed in a red spotlight – one of those “It’s remarkable to be alive” moments.

Sunset after the rain