Wednesday October 17, 2018

MANHATTAN – Today I made the trip to Wall Street to revisit the site of the images from the first day of this project, nine years and a day ago. One Chase Manhattan Plaza, the location of the Jean Dubuffet that I posted in my first post, is now called 23 Liberty Street. Sic transit gloria mundi. I explored the plaza a bit and then moved on to St. Paul’s Chapel, which is a few blocks West and North.

Day 3298 of one photograph every day for the rest of my life.

Four Trees revisited
St. Paul’s Chapel
St. Paul’s Chapel Manhattan
Headstones S. Paul’s Chapel Manhattan
Oculus from St. Paul’s Chapel

On this date seven years ago (day 732 of one photo every day): The Waldorf Astoria shot with my Alpa TC, 35mm Schneider lens and Phase One digital back.

Waldorf Astoria