Tuesday October 16, 20018

NEW YORK NEW YORK – This is the ninth anniversary of my one photograph every day project. The actual start date is subject to some doubt: the metadata on my first images date them October 14, 2009; my first posting dates them October 16. The post is probably correct – early on I wasn’t particularly careful about setting the correct dates in cameras because I had no idea of how hard it was going to be to keep track of the 10 – 15 thousand files a year that this project generates.

On anniversaries I usually return to Wall Street to retrace my steps on the first day. I couldn’t do that today because of other commitments at home, so I’m posting an iPhone image from our dining room. I’ll get downtown tomorrow.

Day 3288 of one photograph every day for the rest of my life.

On this date nine years ago (day 1 of one photo every day for the rest of my life): Day one of my project.

The Old Equitable Building