Sunday August 20, 2017

WARREN CONNECTICUT – Yesterday we received an invitation to join some friends who are chartering an aircraft tomorrow to fly to Columbia, South Carolina to view the total solar eclipse. That provoked a flurry of activity on my part, mainly foraging through our barn to sort out a lot of long-stored stuff: an Astro-Physics German equatorial telescope mount, my beloved Astro-Physics Traveller telescope (105 mm aperture f6.4), a Herschel wedge for viewing the sun, and various tripods, Barlows, adapters, batteries and other odds and ends. I got the setup running with some effort and used it to prove the concept that I still know how to image the sun. I’m shooting with my Sony A7rii, because it’s light (so very little weight burden on the telescope) and it adapts easily. The sun was interesting because we’re in an active sunspot cycle. Having got my shots and proved the point, I packed up for tomorrow’s flight.

Day 2,866 of one photograph every day for the rest of my life.

On this day four years ago (day 1,405): The Tiepolo doesn’t fit.

The Tiepolo didn't quite fit
The Tiepolo didn’t quite fit
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