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Saturday May 7, 2011

WARREN CONNECTICUT – A perfect spring day with perfect light. I got out with my Alpa and the 60 meg back for the morning “magic light” moment.

Pears in bloom
Pears in bloom
Pear in bloom
Pear in bloom

On this day last year: A nice angle on The Church of the Heavenly Rest.

Church of the Heavenly Rest

One reply on “Saturday May 7, 2011”

Hello Woody,

I note that you use focus stacking with Helicon, as do I. I’m having trouble with the larger files from the P65 and now, even worse, the IQ180. The most I can stack at a time is 2 images that have been output as only 8 bit tiffs, and even then the process fails frequently. I can manage to get a final result which does the focus stack, but the process is laborious to say the least, making pairs and then pairing these. I’m on a 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 Mac.

Any thoughts or suggestions as to how this might work better?

Many thanks indeed.

Rob Blakers

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