Monday February 19, 2018

MANDU INDIA – Mandu is a ruined city of lakes and pavilions about an hour’s drive from Maheshwar built in the early Fifteenth Century and abandoned in the early period of the Mughal Empire at the beginning of the Sixteenth Century. There were vast, complex waterworks which are dry today, at least in the non-rainy season.

Later in the day we attended the music festival at Ahilya Fort which is owned by this area’s Maharaja, Richard Holkar, who had an American mother and was educated in America.

Day 3049 of one photograph every day for the rest of my life. This is one of those days when it was hard to get down to one.

Mandu India

Mandu India
Mandu India
Ahilya Fort Music festival
Ahilya Fort – Richard Holkar
Ahilya Fort

On this date eight years ago (day 127): A pinhole image out my window converted to black and white.

Pinhole image out my window