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Monday July 4, 2011

CAPRI ITALY – Here we are on the Fourth of July. There used to be fireworks and a big party in the Piazetta on the Fourth of July – the fireworks are alas gone – they were sponsored by a local Jeweler, Alberto y Lina, and the word on the street is they stopped doing it after Lina died.

We spent the day at a different place where large rocks meet the water, Bagna di Tiberio. Don’t let the picture in the link fool you – that isn’t sand that you’re seeing. Anyway this with my Leica M9 and a 50 mm Summicron lens.

Bagna Tiberio
Bagna Tiberio

Here we are on the funicular that connects marina grande to the piazzetta.


On this day last year: a dull Fourth of July.

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