Sunday October 9, 2011

WARREN CONNECTICUT – So I’ve corrected the post for today (as originally published today’s entry had tomorrow’s pictures – time travel or something). This is one of the series of 24 hour photos – this one at roughly 1:00 AM today by moonlight. There was an almost full moon today, making a 24 hour landscape study feasible (otherwise at this time of year you would get 11 black frames). This is a 90 second exposure – the IQ 180 back is supposedly limited to 30 second exposures – the longer exposures resulted in bright purple areas in each of the four corners of the image – in this particular image they were easily fixed in Photoshop. It was very still, so movement of the trees was not a big factor. Of course the earth did rotate so you will see star trails in the sky. Anyway, here’s the landscape by moonlight taken with the Alpa Max, Phase ONe IQ 180 back and 120mm Schneider lens. Changing the image has screwed up the star rating for this post – there are some things that I can’t fix. My apologies if you voted and your vote has been applied to the wrong picture.


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