Friday May 31, 2019

WARREN CONNECTICUT – We’re way out here in the sticks so our design philosophy for our “garden” is that it should rely mainly on native species, and should naturalize, or at least look naturalized. Here’s a path in the front of the house. In tagging this entry I realized that while I tag landscapes “winter”, “spring” and “autumn”, I rarely tag them “summer”, perhaps because I think that summer is the base case, not worth mentioning. Actually that’s not the case, summer is a relatively short, lovely season here, worthy of note. Shot with my Leica M10.

Day 3515 of one photo every day for the rest of my life.

Shade garden

On this date five years ago (day 1689 of one photo every day): Allum. Similar treatment of a similar subject. That’s what’s happening this time of year.

Perenial boarder