Saturday December 25, 2010 Christmas Day

WARREN, CONNECTICUT – So on Christmas Day I abandoned exotic gear and manual settings. I set my Panasonic GF1 in idiot mode, with face recognition focus and the flash turned on. Guess what. This really works for family events where you want snapshots without fail. I’ve put some of them up on my facebook page. These pages are supposed to be about serious photography. But in any event here’s Maria, evidently pleased by her Christmas present.

Maria and her new Emilio
Maria and her new Emilio

Once year ago today: Christmas prickly pear, San Miguel de Allende.

Prickly pear

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  1. Dear Mr. Campbell,

    I am Francesca’s friend (i’ve met you a couple of times) and am a true fan of your work. I often find myself clicking through your website like a child stuck in a fun maze, no exit in site but having a blast finding my way around. The only thing I wish was different, and I mean the ONLY thing is that I have to scroll up and down in order to see the entire image. Besides that I absolutely love your work and enjoy your postings. Hope you have a happy and healthy new year.


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