Friday August 2, 2013

NEW YORK NEW YORK – In our local Staples I noticed a nice piece of decoration: a large “sculpture” of correction fluid with “oops” written in the middle of it. Make a bronx cheer noise if you remember what correction fluid is. Hmmm. Awfully quiet here. This thing must have been make in the 70s or 80s. Apart from the now obscure iconography this is actually very interesting – it could be mistaken for a Warhol if it were hanging in MOMA rather than in a Staples on 86th Street. Here it is, taken with my baby Sony RX100 II (my go-to go-everywhere camera of the moment).

So there’s this joke website called Gizoogle that translates any website from standard English into Hip-Hop (the link to this is courtesy of Salman Rushdie). Here’s what it did to the foregoing paragraph:

NEW YORK NEW YORK – In our local Staplez I noticed a sick piece of decoration: a big-ass “sculpture” of erection fluid wit “oops” freestyled up in tha middle of dat shit. Make a funky-ass bronx cheer noise if you remember what tha fuck erection fluid is yo. Hmmm fo’ realz. Awfully on tha down-low here, so peek-a-boo, clear tha way, I be comin’ thru fo’sho. This thang must done been make up in tha 70s or 80s fo’ realz. Apart from tha now obscure iconography dis is straight-up straight-up bangin-ass – it could be mistaken fo’ a Warhol if it was hangin up in MOMA rather than up in a Staplez on 86th Street yo. Here it is, taken wit mah baby Sony RX100 Pt II (my go-to go-everywhere camera of tha moment).

From now on I’m using this thing as a co-author to liven this site up.


On this day last year: Riverside Park South. I used to think that I liked Riverside Park South and the Trump buildings that face it. But . . . I glanced casually at this image when I prepared this post and thought it was in Boston. This is an absolutely generic urban development that could be in any city in the world. Of course the park is preferable to the wasteland that formerly inhabited the space. Here it is (this was taken with the high end medium format rig that I was shooting at this time last year – subsequently replaced with my medium format Leica).

Riverside Park South
Riverside Park South

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