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Tuesday November 2, 2010

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Another eventful day. Midday found me in midtown with my Leica M9 and a very wide lens, a 15mm Voitlander. This is similar to an image that I posted last week – Park Avenue – I’ve got quite a few of these that I haven’t posted.

Epic woman on Park Avenue

On November 2 last year we went to a book party for our friend Patrizia Chen at The Corner Bookstore: Patrizia tangos

Corner Bookstore
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Sunday October 31, 2010

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – We went to a terrific Halloween party at Susanna Lea’s house – a good sized party with all ages, from newborns to, well, me. This is exactly where we were one year ago – same party and most of the same people. Here’s an image of one of the children at the party, taken with my Nikon D700.
Susanna Lea's Halloween party

As noted above on this date one year ago we are at Susanna’s house for a Halloween party: Susanna and Ingrid Betancourt

Susanna and Ingrid

Here’s a link to the Wikipedia entry for Ingrid Betancourt. Interestingly when you enter “Ingrid B” as a Google search term she comes up first on the drop-down menu, ahead of Ingrid Bergman. Here’s Ingrid this year:

Ingrid Betancourt


Saturday October 30, 2010

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WARREN, CONNECTICUT – We were plagued by another beautiful autumn day. Very hard to make good on my “no more fall foliage” pledge, but I caught a break midday, visiting the construction site of a house being built by my friend Doug Hamilton, who has a serious serial housebuilding habit. The Mustique construction gallery to the right is the result of a multi-year project documenting a house under construction by Doug in Mustique – he’s doing it again in Connecticut. Leica M9 with 15mm Voigtlander lens.

Construction site, Warren Connecticut

On this date one year ago: Chrysler Building at night

The Chrysler Building

Friday October 29, 2010

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WARREN, CONNECTICUT – I’ve been meaning to try a night image of our house in Connecticut for some time. Here’s a try at it under tough conditions – a high wind made working on a tripod challenging. This is stitched from two frames. Leica M9 with a 90mm Elmarit lens.

Connecticut autumn night

On this date one year ago: Fifth Avenue Apple Store

The Fifth Avenue Apple Store
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Thursday October 28, 2010

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Back home from Chicago I attended a seminar on blogging for photographers. There were a number of important infrastructure suggestions that I’ll be implementing over the next few weeks. The hard issue that emerged from the discussions, though, is that the conventional wisdom on building website traffic is to focus. So if you want to be a successful wedding photographer you post sample work. You focus on backstories and relationships with clients. You find ways to link to you site from other wedding resources, and in fact you become a wedding resource.

If I were pressed to say what my focus is I guess that I’d say it’s the fine art market. Me and a lot of other good photographers who focus on landscape would like to sell fine prints to people. But I do think that how people consume images is changing dramatically – in the end the on-line product may be the only product. So the blog, rather than being a marketing tool, is an end in itself. I’ve got some serious further work to do on this issue.

Returning from the seminar I caught this crossing Park Avenue. Leica M9 and 15mm Voigtlander lens.

Park Avenue and 23rd Street

On this date one year ago: Mushrooms

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Wednesday October 27, 2010

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – I was in Chicago for a mutual funds directors conference and managed this in magical early morning light. It’s the Wrigley Building taken out of my hotel window with my Leica M9 and a 50mm Summilux lens. Is it iconic? If I were from Chicago I might have a view on this. It has the great advantage of being on the Chicago River which permits viewing from a distance. The Chicago chapter of the AIA features a thumbnail of it on the header to its website: Chicago AIA. I’ve categorized it as an icon despite some misgivings (is it really in the same league as the Chrysler building?).

Wrigley Building sunrise

I collected a bunch of images in and around Millennium Park but most were tourist-style very wide angle images around the cloud gate. I thought this one on the walk back toward the Chicago River was interesting.


On this date last year we were at Full Sail Brewery in Hood River, Oregon.

Full Sail Brewery


Tuesday October 26, 2010

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – The weather in Chicago was truly appalling. Heavy rain drive in horizontal sheets by the high wind. I stayed inside at the mutual funds conference, managing a few pictures out the window. Not a great day for photography. Leica M9 with 90mm Elmarit lens.

Horizontal Rain in Chicago
Horizontal Rain in Chicago

On this date one year ago: Andrea Spell’a coffee trailer in Portland Oregon

Andrea Spella