Wednesday October 21, 2009

BANDON BEACH, OREGON – I’m in Oregon to take part in a workshop sponsored by Jack Flesher and Guy Mancuso of The overt purpose is to photograph the Oregon coast using Bandon and Gold Beach as bases. The real purpose is to catch up with good friends and eat and drink too much. The Oregon coast really is rugged, foggy and generally wet. This is low tide at Bandon Beach.

Bandon Beach at sunset
Bandon Beach at sunset

Tuesday October 20, 2009

UMPQUA HIGHWAY, OREGON – A travel day.  Lovely fading light found me in Oregon driving on the Umpqua Highway (which follows the Umpqua River from Drain to Reedsport). But the road had no shoulders and no turnouts so I drove for miles looking for a safe place to stop with a view across the river to something – caught with a long lens.  I don’t ordinarily shoot long lenses; I don’t care for the flattened perspective and I never seem to get much of interest from them.  This image was made with two overlapping frames stitched together on the computer.  Thus the square format.

Umpqua Road Oregon
Umpqua Road Oregon

Monday October 19, 2009

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – This is a poor day for photographing and for photographs.  New York is heavily overcast.  The light is heavy, without any charm or grace.  I’m rushing around to prepare for a trip to Oregon.  While walking on the Upper East Side I saw this precursor to Halloween.  It’s odd because the building is unoccupied; it has a number of building permits posted on it, as well as a stop work order.  Carpenters with a childish bent?

Halloween House

Friday October 16, 2009

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – This is a daily photo blog. I’m posting one image each day from now until I run out of space on my server. The “each day” refers to when the photograph is taken. Uploads will happen whenever I have the time.

On October 16 I had a meeting in the Wall Street area. Afterwords I wandered in the rain over to One Chase Manhattan Plaza. Still an impressive urban space even though the bank is no longer an independent entity. There is a Jean Dubuffet sculpture called “Four Trees” – a half dozen tourists were hanging around it snapping with their iPhones.

Anyway, here’s my first post:

Jean DuBuffet "Four Trees" One Chase Manhattan Plaza