Wednesday November 17, 2010

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NEW LONDON CONNECTICUT VICINITY – So here I am shooting out of windows again, but this time on the Acela train from Boston to New York. This is through the glass with my extreme wide lens shooting one second or so exposures. This is interesting – the clouds are sharp because their relative motion is small – but the foreground is totally lost to motion blur. The tint in the train window gives a slight ghoulish quality to the light. I experimented with these for the four hour ride.

From the Acela at high speed

From the Acela at high speed

From the Acela at high speed

On this day one year ago: Dorchester Avenue, Boston.

Summer Street Boston

Monday November 15, 2010

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Feel free to go to one of those other daily photo blogs that you follow if you find that my voice is getting a little whiney. Yes, another week of all day meetings, at least through Wednesday, including a trip to Boston. You may ask “Why doesn’t Woody just quit the damn day job?” Actually I like my day job – it’s just that sometimes it gets in the way of photography – why I like it is beyond the scope of a two paragraph discussion. Today I spent some time shooting going to and from my meetings. Sometimes this is not very productive, but today it was, so I’m posting two images. They are both with my Leica and the 12mm Voigtlander lens – I’m getting more interesting results shooting wide right now. Let me know if you think it’s a gimmick.

Anyway here’s a night shot looking straight up at the facade of the New York Central building (now known as the Helmsley Building) at the foot of the North segment of Park Avenue. Wikipedia entry on the Helmsley Building. The Wikipedia entry is oddly ambiguous on who the architects were. It’s actually Warren & Wetmore, who were also responsible for Grand Central Terminal. Here’s a link to the AIA website.

Formerly the New York Central Building
November 15, 2010

Finally, patient reader, on this day one year ago: interred in the New Preston CT cemetary.

Nancy Lee Cheney Calhoun, Nov 20, 1920 - January 11, 2000

Sunday November 14, 2010

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WASHINGTON CONNECTICUT – I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to photograph the Washington Connecticut Congregational Church. There is a large tree in front of it – very close, actually – so it’s hard to get an angle on it even with a very wide lens and a shift capability. I decided to shoot it through the tree once the leaves were off. I did some details of it last year – here’s my entry from November 29, 2010 which includes some historical narrative about the structure. Anyway, this is with my Hasselblad H3d-39:

Washington Connecticut Congregational Church
November 14, 2010

This is the image from last year:

Congregational Meeting House, Washington CT

On this day one year ago: Construction site. In terms of star ratings this is the least popular image ever on this site.

House construction site

Saturday November 13, 2010

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Perfect late fall weather here. But I was house-bound preparing for meetings the following week. This is out our dining room window with my Hasselblad H3d-39. Nice light. Too bad that I didn’t get out into it. The Hasselblad makes lovely images but it gets the most use when I’m driving to where I shoot, because it’s heavy and awkward to carry, and not very well suited to urban walk around use.

Lexington Avenue
November 12, 2010

On this day one year ago: Diana Fiskejon’s birthday party

Gary Fisketjon

Friday November 12, 2010

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Another full day of meetings. The light first thing in the morning was sensational. For this image I had a 16mm Voigtlander lens on my Leica. Shooting very wide presents a lot of challenges – the wide frame assures that there are extremes in terms of dynamic range, and that either the sun or the photographer’s shadow in the frame.

Park Avenue at sunrise

On this day one year ago: Pay telephone bank in Grand Central Terminal. Here’s an example of old technology baked in concrete, plastic and steel.

Grand Central Terminal - Lower Level

Thursday November 11, 2010

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – More Manhattan in the early evening, with shooting tucked in between meetings. I’m shooting with a long lens on my Leica. Night shooting with a long lens is a serious challenge in Manhattan. Decent image quality requires low ISO and f-stops in the f8 – f11 range resulting in long (multi-second) shutter speeds. There are serious issues using a tripod in Manhattan: there are many plazas and parks that are actually private property and where they are banned; the police think that they are illegal, and they are heavy, bulky and in fact do get in the way of pedestrian traffic in the dark.

The solution is to use a bean bag to stabilize the camera against a tree, parking meter or whatever is at hand. The available of something to prop the camera against constrains point of view, which makes the process more interesting. Here’s an image of the Chrysler Building looking south on Lexington Avenue with the moon:

Chrysler Building with Moon
November 11, 2010

Here’s my “tripod”, a red athletic sock filled with lentils:

Leica Tripod

On this day one year ago: James Beard Foundation 2009 gala. Looks like time is more cyclic than linear in my universe.

James Beard Gala