Saturday April 10, 2010

CORNWALL BRIDGE, CONNECTICUT – St. Bridget Church. A Catholic church. Late 19th Century gothic revival, The is very little information online, except that this congregation recently celebrated its 125th anniversary.  I took this because of the unusual point of view – the image is taken from a highway bridge that runs above the church.  The view is generally obscured by trees except for one spot where this shot is possible.  Because of the limited choice in angles there was no way to eliminate the utility wires.  May reaction at the time was “The wires are there.  We’ll just make them part of the image.”  I’m afraid that without a pole or some other indication that they are intentional, they look like a mistake.

St. Bridget Church, Cornwall Bridge Connecticut

One thought on “Saturday April 10, 2010”

  1. I cannot rate photos, because I simply can’t tell good from better or best, and when I think some photo is bad, it is mostly because the subject matter is silly or offensive.

    I am better at rating paintings and drawings, and I am very good at classifying text. Some might say “it’s all subjective”, but is it?

    Some time ago I asked a photographer friend of mine whether he thinks that out of a big pile of “good photos” he could find some that were made by one and the same author, and he wasn’t sure. —

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