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Wednesday March 8, 2017

NEW YORK NEW YORK – I had meetings in Boston today, and then took the Acela back down here.  I prefer the train to flying, but there is a downside: on the New York end you end up at Penn Station.  I got my images of the day outside of Penn Station as the light was failing.  I generally travel with my Leica Monochrom and a single lens.

By the way there was some confusion about my post for March 6.  I’m writing this in Connecticut (on March 14 – remember that I post with a week’s delay from the date of the image) and my image for March 6 is on my computer in New York.  I’ll sort it out when I get back to New York later this week.

Day 2,701 of one photograph every day for the rest of my life.


On this day two years ago (day 1,971): Blizzard aftermath

Warren CT