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Wednesday June 16, 2010

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – Up early to prepare for meetings, I made this panorama of sunrise over Boston harbor. I’ve written elsewhere that I don’t have much use for photographs of sunrises and sunsets, They do, after all, happen every day: its unlikely that I or anyone else is going to create great or unusual work by pointing a camera east in the early morning. I doubt that any artist since Joseph Mallord William Turner has made much of a contribution to our understanding or appreciation of sunrises and sunsets. I’ve pasted a copy of Turner’s Sunrise with Sea Monsters below.

One also has to consider the burden at this time of year of getting up very early to photograph a sunrise: sunrise today in Boston was at 5:06. That’s actually why I’ve posted a sunrise – I had a very busy day in Boston so I got up early to capture my image for the day. The first frame of this image was time stamped by the camera as 10:00:50 because I set the clock in all of my cameras to UTC so I don’t have to worry about whether they are on correct local time when I travel.

Sunrise Boston Harbor

Leica M9 plus 35mm Summicron Asph.

Turner Sunrise with Sea Monsters

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