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Friday July 30, 2010 (click to comment)

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – This detail caught my eye on a building on East 55th Street: a shield-shaped sign on a townhouse referring to “She who must be obeyed. With a little digging around I found that this is the US headquarters of a company called D. L. Taffner, the producer of a television show called “Rumpole of the Bailey.” Rumpole’s wife on the show is referred to as “She Who Must Be Obeyed.” According to the New York Times: “Eleanor is Eleanor Taffner, the wife of Donald L. Taffner Sr., the founder of D. L. Taffner, a television production and distribution company. That sign has been out there since 1983, said Mr. Taffner, who is retired. . . . ‘Truck drivers point up to it and just love it,’ he added.”

Anyway – here’s the image:

124 East 55th Street - DLT Entertainment

Leica M9 and 90mm Elmarit lens. Three frames stitched.