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Wednesday August 18, 2010

NAIROBI, KENYA – We spent the day touring around Nairobi.  Starting now and for the rest of the trip I’ll be showing more than one picture a day – typically four or five.  I’m capturing  500 – 600 images per day – boiling this down to a single image per day takes more editing time than I have available.  Here’s a link to a New York Times article on what to do if you have 36 hours in Nairobi: 36 hours in Nairobi Here we go:

John at Breakfast at the Norflok Hotel (Norfolk Hotel):

John Novogrod

Maria makes a tall friend at Giraffe Manor, a Scottish hunting lodge set in what is now the outskirts of Nairobi (Giraffe Manor)

Giraffe Manor

Lunch at the Talisman Restaurant – this is a large bird in the garden of the restaurant – we had not gotten into the habit of asking about particulars of gender and species is at this point so I don’t have any notes as to what this is.

Talisman Restaurant

Maria and Nancy at One Off Gallery – a delightful art gallery owned by Carol Lees. She represents (among many other artists) Timothy Brooke, who’s paintings from the set of the film version of White Mischief adorn the walls of the Fairmont Norfolk Hotel.

One Off Gallery