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Thursday August 26, 2010

SINGITA GRUMETI RESERVES, TANZANIA – We made a short trip by air to another spot on the Mara River (in Tanzania) known for its crossings. The wildebeest didn’t cooperate so there was little drama in the excursion. We did see a lot of hippos – managed to capture some of my best hippo images.


We visited Singita Sasakwa Lodge for lunch and a ride on trail bikes. Singiti Sasakwa is the lodge built by Paul Tudor Jones that I mentioned in an earlier post. Here’s a link: Sasakwa Lodge.

Here’s an image of a burned out area from our bicycle ride:

Controlled burn

Finally, a sunset back at our tented camp – our last in the bush as we return to Nairobi tomorrow.

Animals Landscape Travel

Wednesday August 25, 2010

SINGITA GRUMETI RESERVES, TANZANIA – More images of the moon-like landscape


We had a dramatic moment in the late afternoon. A hyena ran down a young wildebeest. As noted elsewhere hyenas eat their prey without killing it first. Here the hyena eats the wildebeest starting with its hind quarters as we hear the wildebeest’s continuing screams. That night in our tent I imagined that every sound that I heard outside of our tent was a hyena.

wildebeest kill