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Wednesday November 10, 2010

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Another heavy day of meetings. We ended the day at the James Beard Foundation’s annual gala at the Four Seasons restaurant (my life seems to be centered around the Seagrams Building), I chair the board of the foundation – here’s a link: James Beard Foundation. I had planned on getting my photo of the day at the gala and came equipped with my Nikon D700 and a fast lens. But as I tried to take my first image I had a major “oh shit” moment: I had left the camera’s compact flash card home in my computer. This is a first for me. I always turn the camera on when I pick it up to leave home to check the battery and settings, and take a picture to make sure that everything works. Lesson re-learned.

So what to do? David Young was kind enough to lend me his iPhone. The iPhone is the Holga of this generation. There’s a bit of a learning curve to get a plausible image out of these things – I’m a long way from mastery. I took a couple of dozen images, one of which (ironically of David Young) seems ok to me. So here’s David on David’s iPhone:

David Young
November 10, 2010

On this day one year ago: Out my office window The subject matter suggests (accurately) that I was struggling to keep up with the photo-a-day pace in November of last year – November really is a rough month for me.

Out my window

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Tuesday June 29, 2010

CAYAMBE ECUADOR – This town hosts a week-long festival for Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) and Taita Inti (Father Sun) around the summer solstice. This guy’s costume bears no relationship to the prevailing native garb at this festival – he probably looked as odd to the Ecuadorians as he does to us. His mask looks like it was made from a child’s bib, but on close examination it’s actually finely beaded. He’s sufficiently odd that I’ve adopted him in the header for my site.

Cayambe festival

Leica M9 with 28mm Summicron.

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Monday May 24, 2010

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – The Film Society of Lincoln Center held its gala last night at the new Alice Tully Hall, honoring Michael Douglas.

Film Society

Nikon D700 with 50mm f1.4G.

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Monday May 17, 2010

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Our son graduated today from a masters degree program at Columbia University on management of digital resources.  

Alexander, Laura and Maria

Nikon D700 and 50mm f1.4G

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Friday January 1, 2010


New Year's Day
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Thursday December 31, 2009

DANBURY CONNECTICUT – New Year’s Eve party.

New Year's Eve
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Thursday November 5, 2009

NEW YORK, NEW YORK –  Bandoneónist at a tango demonstration at Elie and Edgar Cullman’s apartment.  You can believe that there’s a towel on the chair.