Thursday July 22, 2010

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – At last a decent landscape image. I’m primarily interested in landscape, which for me often means urban landscape because I live in New York. You can’t dress, stylize or direct landscape. You have to wait for it. The best light is often around sunrise or sunset. Sometimes when it happens no one is looking. Sometimes you wait for it and it doesn’t arrive. This is my 281st daily post since i started this project last October. About half of the images are in New York. No more than a dozen of them are landscapes that are actually of interest.

This was an unusually productive sunset, looking East out the windows of our apartment. I’ve posted my favorite out of the group. Some of the outtakes are interesting enough that I’m posting them in a comment – click on the date above to see and add comments.

Moonrise over Lexington Avenue

Nikon D700 with 70-200 f2.8 lens.

Wednesday July 21, 2010

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Today was packed with activities. Meetings in the morning, a business lunch and cooking all afternoon for a dinner party at home. I was planning on getting my picture for the day at dinner, but realized after the last guest had left that I had gotten so involved in conversations that I hadn’t picked up a camera. 11:00 PM and no picture. I’ve vowed never to post a picture of our dog, so that’s out. I tried shooting out the window at the dark city scape without much success. Finally I shot a pair of images on our wall by Penny Umbrico – blown up images from a curtain catalogue. Here’s a link to Penny’s work: Penelope Umbrico

Curtain catalogues

Nikon D700 with 85mm f1.4 lens.

Sunday July 18, 2010

LITCHFIELD CONNECTICUT – We visited Arethusa Farms, a dairy farm owned by our friend Tony Yurgaitis and George Malkemus. Here’s a link: Arethusa Farm. Arethusa is serious about improving Jersey and Holstein breeding stock. We met Veronica, a charismatic Jersey and, in dairy cow show circles, one of the most famous cows in the world. The light and angles were poor in Veronica’s barn so I had to settle for this outside of one of the barns.

Arethusa Farms

Hasselblad H3D 39