Wednesday November 20, 2019

MANHATTAN – I shot film today, running a 12-exposure roll through my medium format Mamiya 7ii camera. I develop my own film (no need for a darkroom for that step) and scan to digital using my Sony A7Riv camera, a light panel, a negative carrier, a copy stand and a macro lens. Very good results. I’ll be doing this more on days when I have time to develop and scan.

Day 3689 of one photograph every day for the rest of my life.

1 photo every day
Winter planting
1 photo every day
Guggenheim NY

This one is a digital capture: A local store, S. Feldman, has my picture of F. Feldman in the rain (taken as part of this project), copied from the web, pasted to the inside of its door.

1 photo every day
S. Feldman

On this date three years ago (day 2592 of one photo every day): First Snowfall. Warren Connecticut.

Warrant CT