Wednesday January 22, 2020

MANHATTAN – I started the day on the far West Side in the 50s doing digital images. I finished near home shooting film in my new, used Hasselblad Superwide C. I’m pushing working with film so I can make every mistake possible (leaving home without a dark slide, shooting with the lens cap on, etc.), learning along the way.

Day 3751 of one photograph every day for the rest of my life.

1 photo every day
West 55th Street
1 photo every day
11th Avenue
1 photo every day
Out my window

This one came out nicely. I framed so that the door was centered in the square format. In processing the film I didn’t mix the developer sufficiently, so the top of the film was streaked and over-cooked. That’s the left side of the image, which I had to crop off, leaving an asymetrical image. Probably better than the concept I had shooting.

1 photo every day
Carnegie Hill

On this date five years ago (day 1825 of one photo every day): Jaipur India. I’ve re-edited this day.

1 photo every day
Jaipur India

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