Tuesday January 7, 2020

MANHATTAN – A number of things are going on today. I spent the afternoon shooting test images out my window on my Sony A7riv with all of my legacy lens, looking to cull my collection. One of the few survivors was a Nikkor from the early 1950s, the same lens that David Duncan Douglas discovered in Indochina when his Carl Zeiss lens was ruined in combat – the discovery led to widespread adoption of the lens by photojournalists and launched Nikon’s reputation. It still performs brilliantly, meeting the demands of a 60 meg sensor and rendering beautifully. A 65 year old keeper.

Then on the street at night in evocative light with my iPhone, and finally at the Metropolitan Opera and the set for a performance of Berg’s Wozzeck.

Altogether a good day.

Day 3736 of one photograph every day for the rest of my life.

1 photo every day
Old lens
1 photo every day
1 photo everry day
1 photo evey day
The set for Berg’s Wozzeck

On this date nine years ago (day 449 of one photo every day): 1185 Park in a serious storm.

1185 Park Avenue in snow storm
1185 Park Avenue in snow storm