Tuesday December 24, 2019

WARREN CONNECTICUT – Christmas Eve with family in the country.

Day 3722 of one photograph every day for the rest of my life.

1 photo every day
Merry Christmas Pitts Family
1 photo every day
Meeting House

On this date ten years ago (day 70 of one photo every day): Sierra Chincua Sanctuary, Mexico. Monarch butterfly migration.

1 photo every day
Monarch butterflies

4 replies on “Tuesday December 24, 2019”

Take at least one picture every day. Posting is a little irregular because of editing time (on a typical day I make 40-50 exposures), and because it depends on a good internet connection. I typically post about a week after I shoot the image.

I’ve shot with a Leica Monochrom at various times, which is black and white only, but now I’m shooting with a Sony A7riv. I’ve developed an approach to converting to black and white that is meant to be visually similar to black and white film.

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