Thursday November 1, 2018

MANHATTAN – I walked around midtown west today, between Sixth Avenue and Hell’s Kitchen. Typical stuff but not bad. Shot with my Sony A7riii and Sony’s pretty good 24 – 70 zoom lens The question is whether this lens (or any zoom) is up to the corner-to-corner fussiness that I bring to this project. (Using a single lens in this focal length range would be really convenient for me.) The answer appears to be “almost” but not with a lot of headroom. I’m still working on it.

Day 3304 of one photograph every day for the rest of my life.

Vacant lot

On this date five years ago (day 1478 of one photo every day): Fall color in black and white. I shot this image with my Leica S medium format camera which was plenty of camera to stand up to my fussy technique but had some quality control issues and was large for a carry around camera. I like this image’s muted palette.

Fall color