Saturday January 14, 2017

WARREN CONNECTICUT – A couple of good developments today. First, we’ve actually finished three rooms in the renovation and expansion project that we started here late last summer – see a finished bedroom below.

Second, my drone arrived. I spent a couple of hours learning how to turn it on and take off and land, and finally to get it airborne and navigated around here. On the first major outing I ran it into some tree branches – it’s good at avoiding obstacles but not small wires and branches – without major damage. I found out why the manufacturer includes a couple of extra sets of rotor blades. You’re going to see a lot of shots from high angles on weekends as I master it. The challenge of course is taking photographs that have interest beyond their point of view.

So here you go:

Day 2648 of one photograph every day for the rest of my life.

Warren CT
Warren CT
Warren CT

On this day seven years ago (day 91): look up on Sixth Avenue.

Sixth Avenue