Monday September 3, 2018

MANHATTAN – Feeling dullish today – I went out fairly late with my Sony A7riii and lovely 25mm Zeiss lens and captured not much.

One way that I deal with staleness (a recurring problem in this project) is to periodically switch equipment. I’ve sold my Leica Monochrom and the least-used half of my Leica lenses to finance the purchase of a Leica M10-P and to fill a lens gap left by my sales. The camera arrives tomorrow. We’ll see if it helps.

Day 3245 of one photograph every day for the rest of my life.

Park Avenue Mall at twilight

On this date eight years ago (day 324 of one photo every day): I’m paying a bit more attention to my look backs. In most cases I’m going back to the original files to sort through the selection and redo the editing (I’ve learned a bit in the past eight years and Lightroom and Photoshop have better tools). Here’s a serious reimagining of this image. This is the kind of energetic image that I need to get back to.

Manhattan – East 57th Street.