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Wednesday February 9, 2011

NEW YORK NEW YORK –  Here’s a surprise for you. One of the reasons that I’ve gotten behind in writing these – I’m actually writing this on February 18 – is that I’m experimenting with . . . . film. You read that correctly. The F*** word. My plan was to shoot film for three or four days. There’s a couple of days turn around on processing, and then whatever time it takes to edit and scan. Taken with my Alpa TC and a 36mm Alpa APO Switar lens. Shot on 120 size Ilford XP-2 film, a “chromogenic” black and white film that is processed with the normal C-41 color negative process.

And . . . here’s FILM:

Park Avenue Night
Park Avenue Night

On this day last year: Racquet and Tennis Club.

Racquet and Tennis Club