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Thursday November 26, 2009

WARREN, CONNECTICUT – A family Thanksgiving dinner at home in Connecticut.

Thanksgiving is a busy time for me.  I’m the cook in the family so Thanksgiving takes a fair amount of effort on my part.  You can be assured that I actually do capture each image on the date indicated – at least one each day, but during this busy time I got behind up uploading.  Henceforth I’ll make every effort to post pictures within a day or two of the date they were taken.

Thanksgiving 2009
Thanksgiving 2009

3 replies on “Thursday November 26, 2009”

I very much like how it almost seems like Francesca and Alexander are connected to one another by their backs and are slowly streching away from each other. I also like how you Mrs. Campbell, and Jeremy (I believe that is Jeremy on the left!) both seem to be casting proud eyes on Francesca. All your compositions are very striking Mr. Campbell, and i have enjoyed them ALL so far.

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