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Friday November 12, 2010

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Another full day of meetings. The light first thing in the morning was sensational. For this image I had a 16mm Voigtlander lens on my Leica. Shooting very wide presents a lot of challenges – the wide frame assures that there are extremes in terms of dynamic range, and that either the sun or the photographer’s shadow in the frame.

Park Avenue at sunrise

On this day one year ago: Pay telephone bank in Grand Central Terminal. Here’s an example of old technology baked in concrete, plastic and steel.

Grand Central Terminal - Lower Level
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Thursday November 11, 2010

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – More Manhattan in the early evening, with shooting tucked in between meetings. I’m shooting with a long lens on my Leica. Night shooting with a long lens is a serious challenge in Manhattan. Decent image quality requires low ISO and f-stops in the f8 – f11 range resulting in long (multi-second) shutter speeds. There are serious issues using a tripod in Manhattan: there are many plazas and parks that are actually private property and where they are banned; the police think that they are illegal, and they are heavy, bulky and in fact do get in the way of pedestrian traffic in the dark.

The solution is to use a bean bag to stabilize the camera against a tree, parking meter or whatever is at hand. The available of something to prop the camera against constrains point of view, which makes the process more interesting. Here’s an image of the Chrysler Building looking south on Lexington Avenue with the moon:

Chrysler Building with Moon
November 11, 2010

Here’s my “tripod”, a red athletic sock filled with lentils:

Leica Tripod

On this day one year ago: James Beard Foundation 2009 gala. Looks like time is more cyclic than linear in my universe.

James Beard Gala

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Tuesday November 9, 2010

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – November is a good month for night photography in New York. Post-daylight savings time it’s dark very early so it’s possible to catch buildings with most of their lights on. This is a very busy time in my day job with round-the-clock meetings all week this week and last week. It’s generally not appropriate for me to photograph in work situations because of client confidentiality concerns. Woody’s day job. My best opportunities are while moving around Manhattan on foot going to and from meetings. Today I had a long lens (a 135mm APO-Telyt) on my Leica. This is unusual for me – I’m much more at home shooting wide.

Lexington Avenue at Night
November 9, 2010

On this date one year ago: Gala for Words Without Boarders at the Czech consulate. I missed this event this year because of a conflict with a client dinner.

Words Without Borders

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Saturday November 6, 2010

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NEW MILFORD, CONNECTICUT – Here we are back in New Milford, which among it’s other issues, seems to have been swarmed by strip mall developers. But at least there’s handicapped parking. This image is with my 12mm Voigtlander lens on my Leica M9. A 12 mm full frame lens is very wide indeed – let’s not get bogged down in image quality here because it’s a miracle that it forms an image at all. I use a piece of software called Cornerfix that fixes the color shifts and other weirdness that would otherwise be caused by shooting this lens on a digital sensor. No viewfinder is needed. Assume that the frame includes everything.

Handicapped in New Milford

On this date last year I shot the largest images that I’ve posted here: an infra red four frame stitch of 30 Rock

30 Rock

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Tuesday November 2, 2010

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Another eventful day. Midday found me in midtown with my Leica M9 and a very wide lens, a 15mm Voitlander. This is similar to an image that I posted last week – Park Avenue – I’ve got quite a few of these that I haven’t posted.

Epic woman on Park Avenue

On November 2 last year we went to a book party for our friend Patrizia Chen at The Corner Bookstore: Patrizia tangos

Corner Bookstore
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Sunday October 31, 2010

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – We went to a terrific Halloween party at Susanna Lea’s house – a good sized party with all ages, from newborns to, well, me. This is exactly where we were one year ago – same party and most of the same people. Here’s an image of one of the children at the party, taken with my Nikon D700.
Susanna Lea's Halloween party

As noted above on this date one year ago we are at Susanna’s house for a Halloween party: Susanna and Ingrid Betancourt

Susanna and Ingrid

Here’s a link to the Wikipedia entry for Ingrid Betancourt. Interestingly when you enter “Ingrid B” as a Google search term she comes up first on the drop-down menu, ahead of Ingrid Bergman. Here’s Ingrid this year:

Ingrid Betancourt


Saturday October 30, 2010

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WARREN, CONNECTICUT – We were plagued by another beautiful autumn day. Very hard to make good on my “no more fall foliage” pledge, but I caught a break midday, visiting the construction site of a house being built by my friend Doug Hamilton, who has a serious serial housebuilding habit. The Mustique construction gallery to the right is the result of a multi-year project documenting a house under construction by Doug in Mustique – he’s doing it again in Connecticut. Leica M9 with 15mm Voigtlander lens.

Construction site, Warren Connecticut

On this date one year ago: Chrysler Building at night

The Chrysler Building