2 thoughts on “Thursday April 19, 2012”

  1. Glad to see all the NEX-7…..I just FedExed 4 major boxes to Sean and C West….S2-P, Fuji X100, Pana GH2, NEX-5N, Sigma DP1 and about 9 lenses…..kep the NEX-7 and the RED EPIC…may drop the EPIC but the NEX-7 and M9P will remain.

    Do you have Color Cast issues with the 24 on the NEX-7?


    1. Bob – Good hearing from you. I’ve packaged up all of my Panasonic GH whatever stuff, which is going to meet similar fate.

      The Red EPIC is a major piece of gear. What’s your experience been? Have you posted images anywhere?

      No color cast issues with the 24mm Lux (more properly “very slight if any”). I haven’t found any need to make LCC exposures.

      I’m now using primarily my NEX-7, Alpa TC and iPhone (which has replaced other pocket snapshot cameras).

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