Monday August 15, 2016

WARREN CONNECTICUT – Another day of shooting in color with my Sony camera and translating to black and white. I take 30 to 60 images on an average day and the whole process of converting images from color is actually time consuming, causing me to get further behind in posting images. Today I’m shooting with a good Canon wide zoom on the camera. The subject of course is our construction in the country

Day 2496 of one photograph every day for the rest of my life.

Warren Connecticut
Warren Connecticut

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Thursday August 11, 2016

NEW YORK NEW YORK – I’m shooting with different equipment for the next week. I’ve become very concerned about Leica service, particularly through their New Jersey service center. In April I sent Leica: my 50mm Summicron Asph. lens for cleaning, lubrication and adjustment (after three years of hard, daily service – this why I’m shooting with different 50mm lenses now); my 135mm for “six bit coding” (a routine Leica service); and my new second Monochrom body to have the frame lever replaced because it had fallen off. Here we are in mid-August and these items still haven’t been returned. Only pro-forma communications. They don’t return email. You can’t leave a voicemail message because their voice mailbox is full. This is frustrating enough that I’m considering alternatives to Leica.

Starting today for a week I’ll be shooting a Sony a7rii, the current leader among mirrorless “SLRs”. The terrific thing about it is that adapters exist for almost every type of lens ever made, so it opens a broad range of legacy glass. It has a good 42 meg sensor that delivers resolution comparable to the Leica Monochrom. I own this camera for the occasions when I absolutely need to shoot color, when I really need autofocus, for odd legacy lenses (like my rangefinder Carl Zeiss lenses from the ’30s and ’40s) and when I need a backup. I’ll converting images to black and white.

Here is my first day’s effort with the Sony, starting in the kitchen as I defamiliarize myself with the Sony’s overly complex controls.

Day 2492 of one photograph every day for the rest of my life.






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