Friday August 6, 2010

PARATY, BRAZIL – Well here we are in the early AM at the Companhia party – still on our feet dancing. When I woke up much later in the day (needless to say I missed the morning light) I truly regretted the last Caipirinha. Here’s a link the Wikipedia entry on Caipirinha, which includes a recipe :Caipirinha Anyway here’s a shot from the party:


Nikon D700.

Thursday August 5, 2010

PARATY, BRAZIL – We’re in Paraty to attend the most important annual literary festival in Brazil: FLIP. The real reason we’re here is to catch up with our old friend Luiz and Lili Schwarcz – Luiz heads Companhia das Letras, a prominent Brazilian publishing house. Here’s a link to Companhia’s blog, which has a piece on the first FLIP (in Portuguese, but you can use one of the “translate this page” services if your Portuguese is rusty): Companhia das Letras blog. Luiz launched the first four titles in a Companhia – Penguin joint venture today – here is Salman Rushdie and his son at the launch event.


Nikon D700

Wednesday April 21, 2010

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – The Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services held it’s annual spring gala at Gustavinos tonight. The JBFCS is a wildly impressive organization providing social services in New York to clients of all religions, races and ethnic backgrounds.  Gustavinos is a lovely space built into the vaults under the approaches to the 59th Street Bridge.

Benefit at Gustavinos

Wednesday November 25, 2009

BETHLEHEM, CONNECTICUT – We drove to Warren, Connecticut, dropped groceries off and went to a pre-holiday party in Bethlehem.  The light at the party was much lower than I had remembered from last year – I had expected to shoot available light but fought a mostly loosing battle against darkness.

Party, Bethlehem. Connecticut
Party, Bethlehem. Connecticut