Saturday January 22, 2011

AIRBORNE BETWEEN BARBADOS AND MUSTIQUE – The places that you get to in a small plane seem to be the best. I guess that’s because there are enough people who say “I’d never fly in one of those things” to keep the crowds small. Or maybe its the landings – places where small planes go tend to have funky airports. Here we are on the last leg of the full day trip from snow-bound Manhattan to Mustique, a paradise island in the Grenadines. Here’s a link to one of the three places where the public can buy a meal on the island: Basil’s Bar. Basil Charles OBE, the owner, is a friend and has the good taste to have purchased one of my prints. No kidding on the OBE – its in recognition of his important contribution to education in St. Vincent.

Mustique appears to have become our island paradise of choice. This is not a result of a conscious decision but we were there in June 2010 at a wedding and in January of last year when I said “I almost always do tropical setting in black and white” to avoid hackneyed images. Yeh, right. We’ll see about that. This statement has made me rethink what I’m going to post over the next few days. 100% color. “Not hackneyed” is over rated, anyway.

Don’t look for a Jimmy Buffet vibe when you get here. It’s paradise, and you can buy a cheeseburger but that’s about the only connection.


On this day last year: Jet Blue terminal at JFK. On the way to Mustique.