Monday September 2, 2013

NEW YORK NEW YORK – We gave up on Connecticut for the weekend. It was still raining as we packed up to leave last night. So here we are back in New York on Labor Day counting the minutes until tomorrow morning when I can take my throbbing jaw to the dentist.

This long weekend of trying to photograph while in serious pain has exposed an issue. I plan on running this daily blog project into the grave. But my equipment of choice, Leica, requires too much clarity and focus to operate successfully when in serious pain or otherwise impaired. Today a shot Maria and Francesca with my Monochrom and Luxochron but it was the wrong setup for a portrait and the lighting while conceptually correct had a serious problem (my body blocked the light) that I didn’t notice as I made the shot.

If I’m going to continue to shoot at least an image every day I need a simpler setup to use at times when I’m sick. Figuring this out is a project for the next few months.

I will also need to do simplified posts during periods impairment. Maybe just a place name and an image.

Anyway, here’s an out of focus poorly conceived image from our spice shelf from today. It’s all that I’ve got.


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