Saturday November 4, 2017

NEW YORK NEW YORK – Another film day. I’m shooting with a Mamiya 7 and 43mm superwide lens (which is equivalent to and actually based on the design of the Hasselblad Superwide), one of the best wide lenses ever. I’m experimenting with film types – today I’m shooting with Ilford PanF Plus, which is nearly grainless on the Mamiya’s 6×7 cm negative. I’m also shooting with a Leica M7, which I will either keep or not once my M3 comes back from the shop where it is getting an overhaul.

I’m loving the tonality of these images. Pedestrian subjects are made special.

Day 2,924 of one photograph every day for the rest of my life.

Harlem Garden
Harlem vacant lot
1185 Park

On this date last year (day 2,577): Warren CT fall foliage – in black and white.

Warren CT

Wednesday November 1, 2017

NEW YORK NEW YORK – Another day and another vacant lot (there seem to be future construction sites here everywhere) and a pseudo-alley.  I’m in a bit of a rut.  I’ll be shooting film tomorrow to try to shake things up a bit.

Day 2,939 of one photograph every day for the rest of my life.

Vacant lot

On this day last year (day 2,574): Empire State Building – speak of being in a rut!


Monday October 23, 2017

NEW YORK NEW YORK – Out and about with my Leica Monochrom camera. I shoot a lot of vacant lots in Manhattan. Not because they are vacant but because the absence of a building allows a perspective that is otherwise impossible. There are a lot of empty stores for rent on Lexington Avenue – evidence of changing consumer behavior as we move toward online buying.

Day 2,930 of one photograph every day for the rest of my life.

Retail space for rent
Vacant lot

On this date eight years ago (day 8): Gold Beach Oregon – I’ve re-edited this work.

Gold Beach Oregon

Tuesday October 17, 2017

NEW YORK NEW YORK – Abroad with my Leica on the Upper East Side. The second image is of a building that we lived in for six months while our apartment was being renovated. Shot with film in my Leica M7.

Day 2,924 of one photograph every day for the rest of my life


On this day eight years ago (day 2): For rent Eight years ago was just post financial crisis so there ware a lot of for rent signs on store fronts. We’re seeing for rent signs again, this time because bricks and mortar retailers are being driven out of business by online stores.