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Friday January 27, 2012

NEWARK NEW JERSEY – I landed here on my return flight from Naples. This gave me a chance to drop by the airport customs office and complete the Global Entry process, which should speed going through customs and immigration on my return from foreign travel. There was very nice light for the ride on the monorail that connects the terminals at Newark. Taken with my iPhone, not the world’s best tool to shoot landscape with very high contrast lighting.


On this day one year ago: Macaroni Beach.

Picnic on Macaroni Beach
Picnic on Macaroni Beach

Saturday July 23, 2011

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – After an overnight flight I arrive in Schiphol Airport, meeting up with John and Nancy Novogrod, who we are traveling with and who have arrived on separate flights. Here’s Nancy taken with my Alpa TC and 35mm lens. I’m a bit tired and out of sorts, but Schiphol is my only shot at an image today because the arrival in Nairobi will be chaotic and in the dark.

Nancy Novogrod
Nancy Novogrod

On this day one year ago: Stalking a floral arrangement.


Friday July 22, 2011

NEW YORK, NEW YORK = A travel day. I’m on my way to Nairobi to meet Maria who has been climbing Kilimanjaro. It’s a long trip: 7 hours to Amsterdam (overnight), a three hour layover, and 8 hours to Nairobi. Travel days are a problem for me in terms of my one photo every day project – I tend to be stressed and the insides of airports aren’t that interesting.

I’m traveling with my Alpa TC, my new Phase One IQ 180 digital back, and three lenses. This is an odd kit to take to Kenya because there are no long lenses and its slow to operate. It’s unsuitable for a game drive and barely usable for people. But it does capture landscape beautifully, and the large intensely detailed files can find magic in pedestrian scenes. I’m also taking my Panasonic GH2 and some lenses, which for me and many other shooters has supplanted my large Nikon kit, which I sold last year.

Anyway here we go, long suffering reader, with a landscape out a window at JFK. taken with my Alpa TC, Phase One IQ 180 back and a 35mm Schneider Digitar XL lens.

A dreaded travel day
A dreaded travel day

On this day one year ago: a landscape out my window. Interestingly I took a similar picture out my window last week (July 14, 2011) – the moon is in roughly the same position once every year.

Moonrise over Lexington Avenue

Wednesday June 29, 2011

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – I’ve gotten behind posting. Today’s picture is in the Air France lounge at JFK, where I’m waiting to board a flight to Paris with a connection to Naples, where I’m meeting Maria and our children to go to Capri to attend a family wedding. You’ll see a lot of this in the following days.

I’m way behind in my postings because right after returning from Italy I came down with a nasty flu (which might have been the coxsackievirus as there has been an outbreak of it around here). The English refer to unspecified disorders as the “dreaded lurgy” so I guess I could say that I had a lurgy. I did manage to photograph my way though it, though.

Anyway, back to the Air France lounge. I caught this less-than-magic moment with my Leica M9 and a 50mm Summilux lens. As I’ve noted before travel days are not my best days for photography.

Air France Lounge
Air France Lounge

On this day one year ago: A very odd mask –

Cayambe festival

Friday April 15, 2011

NEW YORK NEW YORK – Tax day in the US and a travel day. I’m on my way to Shanghai on Continental via Toronto. Continental cancelled the Newark – Toronto leg at the last minute so I was left to scramble to make alternate arrangements. I barely made it on to a Continental direct flight to Shanghai, but my checked bag didn’t. A 15 hour flight. Not good circumstances for a daily photo. I managed a couple of snapshots in the Continental lounge before things turned ugly. With my Panasonic GH2 and a 20mm pancake lens.

Continental Lounge Newark
Continental Lounge Newark

On this day one year ago: Tulips on Park Avenue

Park Avenue

Monday, August 30, 2010

HEATHROW AIRPORT, UK – We left Sunday night for the trip home, via London – over 20 hours including a three hour layover at Heathrow. This was one of those days where even taking one photograph was a burden. The insides of aircraft don’t have that much to say to me, and the world in general seems colorless after East Africa. I take a few listless shots at Heathrow. We are indeed out of Africa.

Out of Africa

Wednesday August 4, 2010

PORTO SEGURO, BRAZIL – A travel day from Porto Seguro to Paraty via Sao Paulo. This from the Porto Seguro airport. I’m shooting with the 35mm Summicron pre-Asph. version IV lens, the “bokeh king”, which is noted for the quality of the out of focus portions of the image.

Porto Seguro Airport

Leica M9 with 35mm Summicron pre-Asph. version IV lens.