Sunday September 4, 2011

WARREN CONNECTICUT – It was rainy and foggy today. The fog provides an opportunity to isolate elements of the landscape that might otherwise be lost in clutter. Here are three trees at the top of Tanner Hill Road in Warren. Taken with my Alpa TC and 72mm Schneider XL. Three frames stitched. I was unfortunately in flip flops (I was just on my way to buy a paper when I saw this) and there was poison ivy underfoot.

Rainy day on Tanner Hill Road
Rainy day on Tanner Hill Road

Sunset in Warren

Warren Connecticut sunset

2 thoughts on “Sunday September 4, 2011”

  1. Woody,

    I love this one…three in relief with the gentle transition into the fog in the background…I like the road on the far left leading into the distance.


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