Friday August 30, 2013

WARREN CONNECTICUT – Forbidding gray day number two. This sucks.

A friend who restores quilts brought an example over for our consideration. It’s from 1910 or so and unusually has a detailed provenance. We’re interested so she’s going to finish the restoration and put a back on it. She should be done in time for Christmas.

Did you know that Mallomars have a season? (A Mallomar is a piece of graham cracker with some marshmallow goo on top; the whole thing is coated with a hard dark chocolate shell.) They have a real following. Witness this example of usage from the online Urban Dictionary:

Jane: “Tanner do you want to come over and bang?”
Tanner: ” No way it’s MALLOMAR SEASON!!”

Of course we would need to know more about Jane and Tanner’s relationship to assess how important Mallomar Season actually is to Tanner.

There’s a Mallomar Season because Nabisco doesn’t make them year-round. For example today is not Mallomar season; I haven’t been able to get a straight answer as to when it actually is. At our poker game tonight Marty attempted to synthesize a Mallomar (he’s a fan) by shooting Miracle Whip onto fragments of chocolate doughnuts. I believe that this gets the nutritional values right, but doesn’t actually taste much like a Mallomar.

The quilt taken with my Leica S2 and the Mallomar man with my Leica Monochrom.

Marty simulates a Mallomar
Marty simulates a Mallomar

For some reason I had trouble linking to my image from a year ago. It wasn’t that good so we’ll skip “On this day last year” for today.

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